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Like a stereotypical Millennial, when the opportunity to go to school or work in a different city came up, I immediately jumped at it. Only once you’ve left your place of home, mine being Vancouver, Canada, do you appreciate how breathtakingly beautiful of a place home is, and I know it’s not just people from Vancouver who think this.

We all have become acclimatised to the incredible places we grew up in. I know I became acclimatised to the beautiful landscape and nature just steps away from my home, and it was a harsh wakeup to move away for the first time to suddenly be living in a city that had no mountains, forest, and definitely no ocean.

Of course, not all was bad. This moving away caused me to appreciate the beauty of Vancouver so much more and when I returned, for holidays and eventually for more school, I was in love with the city I was in.

However, as mentioned before I am a North American Millennial and the desire to #WorkRemotely and #TravelEurope came up and I immediately grabbed at it. Again, I moved away from the beautiful city of Vancouver, British Columbia.

It’s now been nearly a year since I made that move to London, England and I’ve explored plenty of Europe and had the fortune to also work and travel across the Middle East too. However, because of a family wedding, I have the luck to return to home for a whole 20 days.

This has been the longest consecutive time I have spent away from Vancouver and I am so excited to be home. If you know me well, you know how much I love Vancouver and sometimes that is hard to put into words. I’ve decided that when I’m home, I want to capture Vancouver through my eyes by curating a photo series and short video. The photos and video will be of all my favourite places, doing my favourite things, with some of my favourite people.

From the highest peaks of the North Shore Mountains to the smallest coffee shops of Mount Pleasant, during my time home I will be producing a photo essay and video highlighting my favourite places, people, and experiences Vancouver has to offer.